SmartQ Program

SmartQ is a life skills based education supplement which acts as a game changer in the space of personality development. Its genius lies in the fact that it is focused on knowledge-sharing through fun and engaging means, rather than rote-style compulsory education through any curriculum.


The objectives of the SmartQ program are to:


  • Tickle the Child's CURIOSITY, through General Knowledge (GK) trivia.
  • Sharpen their LOGICAL THINKING, by solving Intelligence Quotient (IQ) problems.
  • Instill a positive COMPETITIVE SPIRIT in the kid by cracking Puzzles (PZ)
  • Enhance COMMUNICATION via Vocabulary-games (VB).


We achieve these Objectives by a unique SmartQ Methodology which gradually builds these abstract abilities in a subtle and gentle manner. Therefore, the SmartQ program helps children by tickling their curiosity, broadening their thinking, challenging their competitive-spirit and expanding their vocabulary.


Course Structure


The unit of learning in SmartQ is called a level. Each level consists of multiple sessions. Each session is of 2 hours duration. In each session of 2 hours, the children undergo the different modules, as per design, to cover some depth yet offer variety.


When a child successfully completes a level, (s)he is given a Certificate that is a record of the learning and serves as a motivation to engage further in the series.


Junior Program

  • Age: 5 years to 7 years
  • Duration: Each level 3 months.


Foundation and Advanced

  • Age: 8 years and above
  • Duration: Each level 4 months

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