Our very mission and passion is developing a life-long love of learning and seeking knowledge in our learners. Our core focus is that in everything we do is for the children we serve. We take the time to get to know each child and their family, ensuring that each and every one of our learner has the opportunity to thrive in the program.


UCMAS helps to develop your child's:-




The objectives of the UCMAS Program are:-


  • It helps the child to build his/her concentration; creativity, listening and comprehension skills so as to empower the process of whole brain development for children aged 4-12.

  • To enhance mental calculating abilities among children through speed and accuracy and to remove the fear of mathematics for school-going kids.

  • Concentration is a very important factor, which should be taken care of at the time when a child is developing his mental abilities, which is said to be the most crucial time.

  • Helps a child to attain all round academic proficiency.

  • To inculcate the habit of careful observation, sound reasoning, original thinking and optimum usage of multiple skills in children simultaneously.

  • To recognize `Abacus', the time-tested wonder tool for children - Mastering its beads movements, computing methods using both hands and fingers, to learn the basic gesture and pose when computing the beads - that include sitting posture, positioning of arms, angle of fingers, holding the pen, distance between the eyes and the numbers in addition to position of the Abacus.

  • To master arithmetic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division correctly, proficiently and systematically.

  • To significantly enhance Imaging Skills or Photographic Memory among children so that they discover their lifetime skills by exploring and developing the human brain fully.


Course Structure


Frequency of Classes: 2 hours a week
Programme Duration: 8 Terms + 2 Grand Levels
Term Duration: 3 Months
Age Group: 4 years to 12 years


  • Participation in the Annual State Level Competition for every student.
  • A chance to participate in the Annual National Competition.

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